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Top 3 Most Romantic Food Combos: The Season of Love Ain’t Over Yet

Feb 20, 2024
romantic food combo

Here’s a quick rundown of romantic food combo this Valentine’s Day. It may be over, but that doesn’t mean we should stop showing love to our loved ones. If your love language is acts of service, this blog’s for you, unless you’re not up to getting your hands dirty in the kitchen. 

Strawberries, Chocolate, and Champagne

The classic chocolate-dipped strawberries can never go wrong when thinking of a simple yet classy date with your significant other. Whether it’s in your backyard or in your living room with the television on, it’s a timeless combination. You don’t need to go to fancy restaurants or find the most romantic places to eat. You can always create your own romantic food combo right at home.

Wash and dry the strawberries and prepare your chocolate dip and any other toppings that you’d like to add. Keep in mind that cheap chocolate chip bags may not taste as good as you think they would for this snack. You can melt the chocolate using a double boiler or the microwave. If you don’t have either, you can make your own double boiler.

Just fill a saucepan with water until it’s ¼ full. Heat on the stove until it boils gently. Reduce heat and place a heat-resistant bowl on top of the pan, giving space for steam to escape. Put the chocolate in the bowl and stir it until it melts. Remove the bowl from the heat, add more chocolate to it, and stir until all of it melts.

After all that stirring and melting, place a sheet of parchment paper in a baking tray or on a plate. Dip the strawberries in your melted chocolate and let them dry on the baking tray until the chocolate hardens. You can make it look more presentable by decorating it and then serving it together with two glasses of sparkly champagne.

Steak and Red Wine

Thinking of the best Valentine’s Day food ideas can be tricky when you’re with someone picky. We’re not here to complain about it though! If you’re not too sure where to go when you want to treat your loved ones to a fancy date, a perfectly cooked meat and a few glasses of wine are the way to go. 

Steak with bold red wine is definitely the definition of a perfect meal. And it’s romantic at that! Whether you like a soft filet mignon or a juicy ribeye, steak tastes even better with the complex and bold flavors of your favorite red wine. This combination is a delicious and a romantic choice for making any day feel like Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Food Combo: Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board is a trendy and sophisticated food choice for any time of the year, especially Valentine’s Day.  You can make it look in theme by using red, pink, and white colors with fruits, dried flowers, and lots of chocolate. Berries can also help add a little pop to them. It’s a smart way to combine you and your lover’s favorites without it being too much. 

Aside from fruits and chocolate, don’t forget to get a touch of the following:

  • Cheese selection
  • Cured meats
  • Crackers and bread
  • Spreads and dips
  • Wine or champagne